Host on Nomadry and make the most out of your Apartment by giving the best experience to our Nomads

At Nomadry, we understand that being a host can be challenging, which is why we have created a platform that offers a unique selling point that sets us apart from our competitors. With our platform, you can increase your occupancy rates, income and guest satisfaction. Check out what makes Nomadry different and how it helps you maximize the potential of your apartment!

Our Way. Our Story.
Your Revolution.

It all started with the pandemic. A team of young founders wanted to seize the opportunity and decided to try workation themselves. 
The places they went to were breathtaking and perfect for traveling. However, they were not for working at the same time. The promised wifi connection was in most cases hard to work with and actually being able to work and travel seemed impossible back then.
Nomads & Hosts were dissatisfied with the current situation. We then decided to found a platform which guarantees well being of Hosts and Nomads. Nomadry was born.  Find out below what makes it special and why you should host with us.

What do you need to host on Nomadry?

Why hosting on Nomadry is better

We want to make sure that you make the most out of your apartment.
Digital Nomads need perfect solutions and are willing to pay for it.
We show you how.

Better stays, longer stays

Do you also struggle with your apartment being vacant over the week and only booked over the weekend usually? Then you are missing out on so much! Our nomads want to experience a country and are not staying for two nights to party and take some pictures. By hosting on Nomadry, your occupancy rate is increasing, and so does your Return on Investment


Increase your booking rate with our 3D Models

Before listing your apartment, we will visit to not only check the internet speed, but also to create a virtual 3D Model of your apartment. We found out that simply providing nice pictures of your place is not enough anymore. By providing the virtual tour before booking, you are perceived as a trustworthy host and booking rates will more than double!

Interested in the Virtual Room tour?
This could be your place!

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